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Storing Documents in a Self Storage Facility?

Storing Confidential Documents in a Self-Storage Facility?

There are several reasons why you should not store documents with a self-storage company. Here are a few:

Physical Security: Self storage units are not as secure as you might think. The individual units are usually locked with a feeble poor-quality padlock, on a weak bolt, on a flimsy metal door. 

What’s Next Door?  What is stored in the room next door, above or below yours?  Water, Chemicals, Combustibles, Drugs, Explosives? Are you certain that there is nothing dangerous within harmful reach of your documents?

Liability? The Self Storage company will almost certainly take no responsibility for your documents.  Any loss, theft, damage, confidentiality breach, GDPR failing will almost certainly be your responsibility.

Fire? What is the fire protection a the self store?  Our Records Storage Facility has VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection), NFPA Sprinkler Systems, and a Gas Suppressed Vault, does your self store?

Insurance?  Will your insurance company cover you for any loss storing confidential documents with the above points in mind?

Compliance?  Is the Self-Storage compliant with your Industry Standards?  You have been paying a fortune to store your documents in a Self Store, now you need to call on them for a situation that has arisen.  Are they Complaint?  Is there a log of all accessed documents, who has accessed the facility authorised or otherwise?  Can you prove they have not been tampered with?  Is there a written process for your storage?

Climate control: Self storage units are not climate controlled, which means that your documents could be exposed to extreme temperatures and humidity. This could damage the documents and make them unreadable.

Access: Self storage units can be difficult to access. You may have to travel long distances to get to your unit, and you may not be able to access it on short notice.  Time taken to travel to the site and then move boxes around to find the file you need is usually a poor use of time.

Cost: Self storage can be very expensive.

What is the solution?

Our professional Records Management service!

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