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PixEdit Document Scanning Software

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Scanning Magazines or Newspapers?

A little hidden gem in PixEdit that we love to tell people about is the ability to split double spread images into 2 and then resort the pages into a readable sequence.

Take a 100 page magazine. The best way to scan a magazine would be to remove the central staples and then scan each of the resultant sheets through your scanner. So if the magazine is A4, then the resultant scans will be A3, the only problem is Page 1 and page 100 will be on the same scan, as will page 2 and page 99. This is not a problem in PixEdit. The Pages can be very easily Split into 2 halves.

PixEdit DocServer, Scanning Software

Once the pages are split, PixEdit can the Resort the pages into the required sequence.

PixEdit DocServer, Scanning Software

Naturally these settings can be saved as a Macro in PixEdit and then applied in batch to thousands of images. Very productive!


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