PixEdit 8 - PixEdit Document Scanning Software - Scanning Interface and General Operation

PixEdit Document Scanning Software

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PixEdit supports a variety of scanners. One advantage of capturing a document directly into PixEdit is that verification can be done immediately after scanning or even while scanning. In addition to direct control of many popular large format scanners, PixEdit also fully supports TWAIN, the open industry standard. Network scanning is also fully supported.

PixEdit supports direct control of high quality scanners from Contex, Colortrac, Vidar Systems, Xerox, OCE and others.

PixEdit can automatically generate filenames from Barcodes found on scanned documents and use such pages as job separator sheets. The process can be used both during scanning or as a post process.

TWAIN All scanners and cameras shipped with Twain drivers or third party Twain drivers interfaced to a wide range of scanners. Examples : all Fujitsu scanners with Twain drivers, HP, Microtek scanners etc. etc. PixEdit supports all compressed transfer modes defined within Twain, and takes full advantage of hardware image compressors if present in the scanner. PixEdit can read barcode separation sheets during scanning and automatically save documents according to instructions and barcode content.

NETWORK SCANNING ( Xerox, Oce, Sharp, Canon and many others others) PixEdit can read barcode separation sheets during network scanning and automatically save documents according to instructions and barcode content.

Follow the links below for a detailed description of how to control the following scanners directly supported in PixEdit:



RICOH IS410 , IBM 2456(001), Bell and Howell 4000 and compatibles

XEROX 7336

XEROX 7356

XEROX 7346



PixEdit Document Scanning Scanbar

ScanBar brings complicated Twain settings together in a simple "Go" type button. It enable the user to quickly change the obvious settings needed during bulk document scanning. ScanBar allows the completed scans to be submitted directly to a DocServer Processing Queue. More advanced scanning features and TWAIN setting are available as seen below:

PixEdit twain advanced settings


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