PixEdit 8 - Page Stack a Multipage File

PixEdit Document Scanning Software

Page Stacking allows a user to Pile Up all pages in a document all on top of each other, so that the user can see the extents of the data on the pages and all the margins of each scanned page. PixEdit basically creates a Temporary Super Page.

If there are is a page that extends out of the margins of the other pages in the scanned images, the user can click on part of the graphics that is extending, Pixedit will then take you to that page. The page can then be adjusted so that the text falls in the Margin of the other pages. Page Stacking can then be run again to check that all the pages stack neatly.

At this point the Page stack can have guidelines applied and the pages cropped.

This is very helpful for pre-press application and cleaning margins.


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