PixEdit 8 - Page Manipulation and Editing Scans

PixEdit Document Scanning Software

PixEdit has many Page Manipulation tools, including Rearranging Pages, Deleting Pages, Extracting Pages, Reversing The Page Sequence, Copying Between Files and Combining multiple files into one large file.

Also in PixEdit there are a number of ways to Select Images, which in turn, once selected can be moved, Rotated etc.

Most features are very self explanatory within PixEdit, however below are some videos that describe the use of some tools and features.

Reversing the page order of Scanned Images in PixEdit

Extracting a page range as a new scan document in PixEdit

How combine several scan files or office documents directly as new documents in PixEdit

Inserting files (Office, TIFF, PDF etc) as pages or figures in PixEdit as a PDF or TIFF

Moving pages and scans between open documents such as PDF and TIFF in PixEdit

Moving and copying PDF and TIFF pages in PixEdit

How to delete pages and images from a TIF or PDF in PixEdit

How to select image pages in PixEdit


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