PixEdit 8 - PixEdit Document Scanning Software - Page manipulation and Multi page editing

PixEdit Document Scanning Software

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PixEdit features many tools to ease manipulation, cleanup, corrections and editing of multi page scanned documents. All essential editing tools related to a page can be executed on a page range or ranges.

Document Tree

The document tree in PixEdit is a superior wysiwyg, what you see is what you get tool for moving, inserting, deleting, selecting, copying, pasting, and rearranging pages in a document. The Document Tree supports full ThumbTip technology.

Stack Image

The Stack Image tool displays a selected page range as a stack of transparent sheets. Finding a page with a different margin adjustment among hundreds of pages is easy: Turn on the Stacker Image and click on the graphics that you think belong to the page in question and PixEdit will find the page. The Stack Image is also useful when you insert guidelines for margin adjustments and cropping. Click here to learn more about the Stack Image.

Page Joining

Is useful for joining any number of pages into larger pages.

Page Splitting

Scanned booklets can be split in a number of ways.

Blank Page removal

PixEdit can analyse any page range and automatically remove blank pages. This is useful if you have scanned a document consisting of both single and double sided sheets.

Safe, high quality Deskew

The multi page deskew function in PixEdit is very accurate and can process colour, grey scale and black/white page ranges.

Page Resize

You can change the page size to any standard or custom size, change resolution and perform scaling in percent by standard or by changing DPI.

Page Orientation

Do you want to change all portrait pages to landscape without turning existing landscape pages or opposite? No problem.

Page rearranging

Convert between booklet, normal and reversed page order.

Page numbering

PixEdit can insert page numbers, headers and footers on any selected page range.

Other tools for multi page documents

Adjustments of Image margin and position, mirroring, stretch and rotate, page separation into single files, combination of single files into multi page documents, sharpening, many different photo functions and much more.

Pages to be processed can be selected in the Document Tree or by specified manually - Eg 1-20:2 for processing every second page between page 1 and 20.


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