PixEdit 8 - Page Sorting, Sequencing and Joining.

PixEdit Document Scanning Software

Page joining enables a user to join, for example pages 1 and 2 and create just 1 page, the joining can be either vertical or horizontal.

It is possible to join each pair of pages through out the whole document with just 1 operation of the Page Joining Tool. In fact the process can also be recorded as a Macro in PixEdit so that Page Joining can then be applied in DocServer or Batch Wizard, and run on thousands of files and pages.

Page Joining/page merging in PixEdit for scanned images

You may want to re sequence the pages prior to joining, this can be done using the Sequence Tool, the pages can be re sequenced/rearranged a per the following:

Page Resequenceing, Page Rearranging in PixEdit


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