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The new forms processing module in PixEdit can be used for both Forms Processing and Automatic Indexing of scans. The template form in PixEdit can set up to recognise typed text, numbers or barcodes. PixEdits Docserver is then uses the Form Template to index the remaining batches of documents. The forms obviously need to have the index data written in the same place on each document, PixEdit will then effortlessly index thousands of scanned images for you automatically. The resultant index file may look something like this:






The first set of characters for this job was the document reference number, the second set is the Document Date and the final field is the scan filename

Form Template in PixEdit

Currently there is a small change that needs to be made to the Windows registry to enable the image file name to be written to the output index file. This will soon be part of the standard PixEdit user interface in coming versions of PixEdit, so those with maintenance contracts will be upgraded. In the meantime please contact us if you need further assistance.

Auto Indexing obviously will not work with all scanning jobs, the index data needs to be in the same, or very similar place on each document and the forms processing is based on the OCR technology beneath it, but when a job can be done using this method, productivity is very good!

Forms Processing allows forms such as survey forms to be scanned and then processed, outputting the data captured to text or XML formats. PixEdit Forms Processing will detect check boxes, barcodes and typed text.


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