PixEdit 8 - PixEdit Document Scanning Software - Automatic and Manual Deskew

PixEdit Document Scanning Software

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When scanning documents, it is best to align them with the horizontal axis. Sometimes the image is just a few pixels offset, but the document looks much clearer when aligned. This makes it easier to work with grids, straight lines etc.

It is very unlikely that PixEdit will fail to detect the skew of a document, but if this should happen you may use the manual deskew tool to indicate the skew of any line that should be aligned horizontally or vertically. PixEdit will perform the deskew operation as soon as you have indicated the skew.

To select a page range, type in the page range(s) or select the pages directly in the document tree before using this command.

PixEdit Document Scanning Software

Above: A page before and after deskew

PixEdit Document Scanning Software

Above: The deskew dialog


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