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ACRO™ is an acronym for Automatic Color and Resolution Optimizations. The built-in ACRO functionality in PixEdit evaluates scanned colour pages and decides if the page should be stored as a colour page, as a grey scale or black/ white page in the same multi page document. In addition, you can configure individual resolution parameters for detected page types. You can execute ACRO as a manual function (in menu 'Image', 'ACRO...'), in a recorded macro or automatically after scanning.

This allows a scanner to scan all pages in colour, and switching colour on and off can waste time. PixEdit can then decide during a batch post process whether a pages need to retain its colour or can be converted to a grey scale image or monochrome image. ACRO can be run manually, by using Batch Wizard or by using DocServer.

PixEdit auto Colour Reduction


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