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Archiver Document Management Solution

Archiver is an affordable comprehensive document archiving system.

It has most of the features of far more expensive systems. The program uses the Microsoft Access database engine (an MS Access license is NOT required), but it also supports virtually all other ODBC-compatible Database Management Systems (DBMS). Informatik Archiver is optimised for PDF and TIFF files. Many other graphics formats are also supported. This is the ideal low-cost solution for your document archiving and document management needs. Archiver works well with a number of scanning projects including Document Scanning Projects, Drawing Scanning Projects, Aperture Card Scanning projects and many more.

The program requires the files to be indexed manually. Informatik Archiver has full Optical Character Recognition capabilities. The indexing can be performed very efficiently, in some cases virtually semi-automatically, with the help of defaults, data extractions from file and directory names, repeat entries, and imports.

The document imaging software includes indexing, powerful query / search, view, print, miniature / thumbnail images of pages, window panning, notes (annotations), printing, and more.

Screen Shot of the Search Window

Archive database

Why Archiver?

:: Built-in PDF Viewer
:: Standard features of Adobe Acrobat
:: Built-in Tiff/Image Viewer
:: Page navigation, (next, prior, first, last).
:: Image rotation
:: Zoom-in
:: Window panning
:: Size-to-Fit, Fit-to-Width, actual size
:: Cropping
:: Optional thumbnails
:: Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
:: Option for using 3rd party image or PDF viewer
:: Notes (file specific 'sticky notes')
:: Powerful MS Access and ODBC databases
:: Up to 30 customisable indexing fields
:: Easy-to-use and powerful search functions
:: Support for virtually any document file formats
:: Indexing efficiency tools: shortcuts, default entries, imports, etc.
:: Data import and export functions
:: Launch external applications
:: Networkable
:: Clean user-interface
:: Barcode reader
:: Optional OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
:: Email interface
:: Database creation tool
:: TIFF-to-PDF conversions

Further Information

::Download Archiver Demo

::Download Archiver Manual

::Download Brochure

Features, in Brief

::TWAIN Scanning Software

::Document Scanning Software

::MS Access Based

::Sticky Indexing Fields

::Repeat Indexing fields

::Customisable Fields

::Optimised for TIFF & PDF

::Thumbnail Viewing

::30 Data Fields

::Cost Effective


::Notes or "Sticky Notes"

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