Photograph Scanning, Photo Scanning and slide Scanning

Photo Scanning, Photograph Scanning, 35mm scanning, 35mm slide Scanning

Our Photograph scanning and 35mm Slide scanning service offers clients a quick and efficient way of scanning in archives of old photographs and 35mm photo slides. We can cater for most sizes of photograph, ranging from thumbnail size, to the extreme by using our colour large format scanner, this will scan up to A0 or 42" wide!

Our 35mm slide scanner produces high quality images and can include ICE clean up, this includes the removal of scratches from the scan that was originally on the film. We can output a variety of quality levels depending on the requirement. Our archive scanning for 35mm photo slides and photographs keeps the scanning cost as low as possible while retaining a good quality. For slides that need a higher quality, or are going to be blown up to a large size, we can increase the resolution and spend more time removing defects on the scan that are orginally from the film negative or 35mm slide.

Photo Scanning, Photograph Scanning, 35mm scanning, 35mm slide Scanning

We can also scanthe more specialised 105mm film, negatives and positives, 70mm negatives and positives and also Glass PLate negatives. All can be scanned to TIFF, PDF and JGEG foermats, compressed or uncompressed.

Turn around times for your Photograph scanning or slide scanning project can be tailored the project requirements. We do plenty of large scanning jobs and also plenty of small scanning jobs.

Confidentiality of Data

We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office for Data Protection and GDPR Compliant (reg Z2002164) and have signed the Data Protection Promise, we also have confidentiality agreements already drawn up by our lawyers for both parties to sign. Disks containing the scanned microfilm images are encrypted to AES256 standards.

Scanning File Formats

We can create hundreds of different file formats for scanned images. Typically for photographs we would create JPEG, JPG or PDF, however JPEG is a "lossy Compression" i.e definition or colour are lost in the reduction of the filesize. High quality photograph scanning may require uncompressed TIFF, where there in no quality loss during the compression of the scan file.

Data Delivery

Scans and index information can be returned on CD ROM/DVD or loaded to our FTP server complete with Archiver search, view, print software which can be easily configured for network access and well as local CD based access. Disks containing the Photograph scans are encrypted to AES256 standards.

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