Raster to Vector Conversion (DXF Conversion/CAD Conversion)

Scanning of most microfilm aperture cards and drawings to raster format and then conversion to vector CAD formats (vectorisation), for example DXF or DWG formats.

Vectorisation is kind of an OCR for drawings, it is converting the pixel dots of a scanned drawing to accurate vector lines and curves. The difficulty, like OCR is software recognising whether a flakey line with hairy dots is in fact meant to be a perfectly clean line or something more complex.

This service can be offered with incredibly fast turnarounds as once hard copy information has been received, the rest of the work can be performed electronically, via email for example.

If we have already previously scanned the drawing, or you already have the drawing in a raster format, then this can be emailed to us for the conversion.

This service is an ideal partner to a large format scanning project, where all drawings are converted to a raster TIFF format. Odd files that are required in a vector format can then be emailed to us, as and when required, for a vector conversion.

The vectorisation/conversion process can be done automatically or manually to the point of achieving a fully corrected CAD vector file.

There are a few types of conversion available, relating to the time required, quality and cost.

Automatic raster to vector conversion

Automatic conversion from raster to vector using advanced software for line and text recognition. This is a very inexpensive way to convert, however, the resultant file will contain errors. These files are sometimes useful to clients and sometimes not, however the cost is minimal, we often include the conversion as part of the scanning pricing.

Manual conversion (trace)

Manual conversion of the raster file to a vector format, complete with layering. The file is returned error free, however, not to scale.

Full redraw with scaling

Complete redraw of the scanned image or drawing. File will be returned with full layering and to scale.

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::Engineering Drawings

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