Scanning of Wide Format Art, Posters and Art Board

Artists often need to duplicate or backup their pictures and paintings. Our large format colour scanner scans items up to 42" wide by an unlimited length to TIFF, JPEG, JPG or PDF. There are various colour depths, pure black and white, greyscale and 24 bit colour.

The scanner can also be adjusted to feed thick card and foam board, we have even scanned a painting that was mounted on 12mm chipboard and even charcoal artwork drawn with charcoal scanned beautifully with no damage or smearing to the original. It should be noted however that the item will be fed through the scanner using rollers but completely flat meaning that it will at no point be wrapped around a roller.

In summary, this is what we have scanned so far on our large format colour scanner:

:: Posters mounted on foam board

:: Paintings mounted on chipboard

:: Charcoal drawings on cardboard

:: 30 Meter long cartoon, A0 wide on paper

:: Oil painting on hardboard

:: Fabric oil painting mounted on cardboard

:: Various water colour paintings on cardboard and paper

Most of these scans would have been supplied as uncompressed TIFF files, as this will provide the best scanning results, we can of course create JPEG but it is worth noting that JPEG is a lossy compression, this means it loses data due to the compression. We would happily provide both formats if required.


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