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It is a regular occurrence each year that sensitive personal information is compromised, usually government related, usb pen drives found on trains, laptops stolen etc. This is just one reason why we offer our scanning services onsite.

Particularly with larger archives of documents and drawings, the other large consideration is the continued use of the information. The logistics in removing a busy archive from a business for a number of weeks and months in simply not a realistic proposition.

Our On-site services bring the scanning equipment, IT hardware, staff, management and expertise to your site. Depending on the project we often only need a desk or 2 and a few power sockets and we are ready to scan.

For each scanning project we create an operations manual that details the working operation onsite, including things like Risk assessments, for health and safety and also for risks associated with the data, risks such as security issues and data continuity.

Depending on security levels, there are 2 options as to what work is performed onsite. Scanning is generally always done on-site, this means that the hard copy need not leave site and it remains accessible for the company to continue working with. Post scanning operations such as indexing can be done on-site or off-site, depending on the motivations for onsite scanning. Digital data can be safely transported using AES 256 encryption technology, so indexing can often be taken offsite back to our offices to save costs. If security is the main reason then the whole operation is performed on your premises.

Further, on completion of the project we can remove any hard disks from our PC and backup devices that were used on the project and hand them over to you.

We have a number of sites that we have run onsite operations who would be happy to discuss their experiences of the document imaging projects.

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