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Book Scanning and OCR Scanning for partially sighted

Over the years we have scanned many books for many different reasons. One very important reason for scanning text books at a reasonably high resolution is so that someone with reading difficulties or with partial sight can read the text by zooming into the text. We generally find that scanning the book to a PDF means that the user can use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the file which works very well.

PDF files can also be made Searchable, this uses a process called OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Now the PDF is text searchable, i.e you can search for a word. It also means that the recognised text is stored behind the original scanned image, this should provide data that a text reader can understand.

The other option is to convert your text book into a Word Document so that the user can read and zoom using Microsoft Word, this works well for pure text but when the books contain pictures it can become a little more fiddly (this also means that text readers can read the book). We can of course provide you with both options and there is not really any difference in cost.

The books can be Flatbed scanned (if the book cannot have the bind chopped off) or can be scanned on one our fed document scanners. Chopping the spines off makes the process faster and therefore slightly more cost effective.

It must be noted that you must have the permission to copy the book from the copyright owner. There does not seem to be a problem getting this permission, particularly if there is not a digital version of the book and the intention is to help a disability.

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