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Optical Character Recognition Service

Document Scanning

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  • Optical character recognition services (OCR).

  • Scanning and OCR to Word documents.

  • Multiple OCR engines including Google and Nuance.
  • Convert books and manuscripts or Word documents.

  • Creation of searchable PDF files.

  • Convert books and manuscripts to e-books.

  • Production searchable PDF creation.

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OCR, Optical Character Recognition Conversion/Services

OCR, Optical Character Recognition, this service converts scanned text into real text that can be viewed and edited in applications such a MS Word. So for example, you can send us a manuscript on paper and we will return Word document to you.

OCR is also used within PDF files, often PDF files that have been scanned using our document scanning service. These are called searchable PDF files. The user views the information as a raster image (a scanned document image) but behind this raster/scan layer is the real, searchable text or OCR layer. This text can be searched or copy and pasted into applications such as Word.

OCR is not a 100% science, it is likely that our software will miss read some characters. G and 6 is a typical error. Also, if there are blemishes to the original document, a tea cup stain for example, damages the integrity of the document, therefore the scanned document, and therefore the OCR software may miss read the data.

Google OCR provides excellent results for typed documents and Hand Written data.

We can process data from our scanning and also batches of files from external sources.


We have performed OCR on many types of documents, we are more than happy to scan and OCR a single small document for you, or huge archives of document scans or drawing scans. Manuscripts, books, contracts are just some of the type of documents we have scanned and converted to text.

We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office for Data Protection and GDPR Compliant (reg Z2002164) and have signed the Data Protection Promise, we also have confidentiality agreements already drawn up by our lawyers for both parties to sign. Disks containing the scanned microfilm images are encrypted to AES256 standards.

Scans and index information can be returned on USB, DVD or loaded to our Cloud Service. Disks containing the scans and data are encrypted to AES256 standards.

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