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Records Management and Archive Box Storage

Hardcopy Archiving Service

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  • Secure and efficiently managed document storage service.

  • Next Day Retrieval Service. 

  • Same Day Retrieval Services.

  • Scan on Demand service.

  • VESDA Fire Protection.
  • NFPA Sprinkler Systems.
  • NACOSS/BS5750 ISO Standards, PD6662.2004 and BSI DD243.2004.
  • Gas Suppressed Vault.
  • Specialists in small and large archives.

  • Box level and Document level management.

  • Onsite and Offsite cataloguing services.

  • Document retention management, life cycle management.

  • Competitive pricing for large and small archives.

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Secure, Efficient Processes

Secure Collection of documents

Box and File Barcoding

Quality Control

Secure Archive Storage

Fast, Secure Retrievals and Refiles

Scanning on Demand

Secure Document Shredding after Retention

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Document Archive Storage

The storage facility is dedicated to hard copy document management (document archiving) and scan on demand requirements. The archives are based in dedicated and purpose built warehouses. The warehouses are fully equipped with state of the art fire protection and intruder protection and emergency generator backup. The sites are secure and house hundreds of thousands of boxes.

Each box has a unique barcode attached and this barcode is then registered to a warehouse location. Itis possible for each file can be barcoded, depending on the exact requirement. The operation is managed by industry leading O’Neil Records Management Software.

In the instance where the documents have been scanned by us, the index data from the scanning process can be used as the index for the boxes. The scanning project procedure will create a database of the contents of each box. The system tracks the location and history of each item for every document archive.

When you need a document or a box returned, you simply send us an email by 14:30, and  the item will be delivered to you the next working day. Same day services are also available. We can also offer the facility for the items to be scanned and loaded to a secure Cloud Service (Scan on Demand). 

Each Archive is setup with Authorities, this is a person or people in your organisation that are permitted to issue instructions to us.  All Retrievals and Work Orders must be initiated by these Authorities in order for the request to be processed.

We are perfectly happy to look after just a few boxes, as well and thousands. Every one of our clients, large or small, is vital to our box storage operation.

We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office for Data Protection and GDPR Compliant (reg Z2002164) and have signed the Data Protection Promise, we also have confidentiality agreements and GDPR Data Processing Agreements for this.

We are able to offer onsite and offsite cataloging of your documents into their archvie boxes, i.e creating a database of the contents of each box. If we have previously scanned the documents, this service is provided during the scanning process, so there is no need to index the documents again.

Document Archive Storage

  • Secure, Confidential, purpose built warehouses
  • Emergency generator backup
  • State of the art fire and intruder protection
  • Managed by industry leading O’Neil Records Management Software
  • Next day, same day and scan on demand retrieval services
  • Small archives and large archives are catered for
  • Document cataloguing services including onsite services
  • Efficent and professional service
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