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We are a small, professional, efficient document scanning company that value everyone of our clients.  We pride ourselves with providing outstanding, professional, secure services.  You will have a single point of contact through out the process and a telephone number that will be answered by someone knowledgeable. No call centres!

We can come to site and work this out for you.  We have done thousands of estimates so have lots of experience.  If you wanted to work out a guide yourself, typically a full Lever Arch file will contain about 500 scans.  A typical B2 Archive Box would contain about 2500 scans. We also need to know the number of documents (a document usually contains a number of pages/scans), which is also the number of indexes that we need to create.

Yes, absolutely!  A personal service is absolutely vital for all of our projects and we pride ourselves on this. You will have a dedicated project manager from the first meeting all the way through to delivery.  This is usually Michael Bailey our Managing Director and will always be on the end of a telephone or email.


Yes!  We can do samples, pilots, proof of concepts.  These are usually free of charge.  This will demonstrate the quality you can expect and the service levels.  The samples will be treated exactly the same as a live Job and will follow all of our standard information security and encryption processes.

Confidentiality and discretion is absolutely essential for the services that we offer and we take this extremely seriously.  We believe that promoting our clients on our website is not appropriate for that reason.  We can, however, make specific introductions of prospective clients to existing and past clients so long as both parties consent.  We have some fantastic brands that we have worked with who would be pleased to discuss their experiences with you.

We will collect from you.  We will bring archive boxes, load your files into the boxes and return them directly to our office.  We do not go to other clients and the vehicle will have enough fuel before the collection to do directly back to our office, so the vehicle is not left unattended.  Some clients may wish to bring documents to us, which of course is fine.  All boxes are anonymously labelled, barcoded, and a collection note signed with details of the collection.

Unless specified in the contract document/GDPR agreement, all data is processed our within our office by our staff.

We follow strict processes to ensure Quality, working to BS10008 Legal Admissibility.  We operate a 100% File Present Verification system to ensure that all files received exist as a scanned document via barcoded label on each document.  Our scanners are tested for resolution, double feed detection and colour data capture quality.

We are in a small village called Studham, near Dunstable and Hemel Hempstead, easily accessible to the M1, home counties and London. Contact Us



We have a dedicated team to turn around any job in the best possible time



Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) removes any margin of error



Our barcoding and indexing allows for Fast document retrieval when needed

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