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Chronoscan Examples – Medical Practice

Medical Records and Practice Management

Paper documents are printed to paper for medical consultations. The documents are printed for a specific patient, and the patient’s database ID is incorporated into a 128 barcode.

The document is used during the consultancy or procedure and any notes and signatures recorded on the paper.

The notes are scanned back in. The barcode is used to separate each document and index the document. The barcode also includes a Document Type Identifier, CN = Consultation, for example.

An ODBC lookup is performed to the client Practice Management Software, to return the patients name and a secondary code.

The index data is then used to save the PDF to a specific folder structure required by the Practice Management Software and filename that also identifies the document type. Users will locate documents from the patient record in the Practice Management Software.

In addition, the OCR text data is sent via ODBC to the database to enable full text searching.


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