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Chronoscan Examples – Historic Car Club

Historic Car Club

A prestigious Car Club has historic documents dating back to the early 1900’s. The documents are fragile, often bound.
The Club scans the document using a number of scanners depending on the requirement of the documents.

The scanners are controlled by the Chronoscan Scanning interface and using the Chronoscan Hotfolders to import scans generated from third party scanning applications.

Once the documents are in Chronoscan, the documents mostly need to be manually indexed. Usually, Chronoscan is used to automatically index files, but documents that are 100 years old, this becomes difficult!

The Text Tool can be used to grab text and populate fields, but more often manual indexing is required, for fields such as:


Chassis Number
Coach Builder

The documents are OCRed.

Data is Exported to our File Store Database, and a Searchable PDF. Searchable OCR text is also exported to the database so that this can be searched as per any other index field.


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