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ChronoScan Example Installations

automate Purchase Invoice Capture

Purchase Invoice Processing

Purchase Invoices
Purchase invoices arrive in all sorts of shapes, sizes and formats. Chronoscan will process each invoice (scanned or and electronically created PDF/attachment). Chronoscan monitors a folder of incoming scans or PDF files.

It will recognise the supplier using OCR and looking up key information from your supplier database.

Chronoscan will then extract data from the invoice, this may be just header information, for example:
Supplier name
Invoice Number
Nett Total
Gross Total

Or it can extract header and line entry data too:

Supplier name
Invoice Number
Line 1
Line 2
Line 3
Nett Total
Gross Total

The data is then run through a validation process to ensure that the totals are correct. Any invoices that fail validation will need to be investigated.

The extracted invoice data is then exported to your accounts system, and a Searchable PDF of the document saved to your server or Cloud Service, SharePoint 365 for example.

Historic Car Chassis Records

Struggling with Sage AutoEntry Invoice Data Capture?

Yes!  We did too!  Within minutes of trying AutoEntry,  we realised it would not work for us.  For a start, with AutoEntry and sales invoices, you can only sell one Nominal Code to a client!  ChronoScan can process your Sales Invoices and Purchase Invoice and export the invoice data into Sage.  The PDF can be saved along with a Reference in Sage to connect the 2.  The Invoice, Index Data and Full OCR Searchable Text from the Invoice can be stored in our File-Store database to provide powerful searching and viewing, including full content searching of the invoices.

 Please contact us for a demonstration of Chronoscan working with Sage!

automate Delivery note Processing

Delivery Note Processing

Delivery Notes
Delivery Notes are usually self-generated, so clients are in control of the format of the form. The Delivery Note will include key information, such as the delivery note number, order number, date etc. This information may exist on the document as text or a barcode.

Once the document is signed by the recipient, the delivery note is scanned as a batch, perhaps 500 delivery notes. Chronoscan will use either the OCR text on the document, or the barcode to identify and index it.

It may be necessary to use key information to do an ODBC lookup to the clients CRM in order to return other data fields, client name, or client code for example.

This information can then be exported to and ODBC data source, together with a PDF of the delivery note, saved to, for example a client folder on SharePoint 365:

/Delivery Notes/Clientcode/DeliveryNoteNo_PoNumber.pdf

This client folder can then be shared with the client.

Automate Airway bill Indexing

Incoming Airway Bill Processing

Incoming Airway Bills
Electronic Airway bills are received by email from companies like DHL, TNT etc. The Airway bills are electronically generated and arrive with the client named in a way that the carrier decides to name them, generally the name is of little use to the client, and therefore each airway bill needs to be re-indexed.

Chronoscan will process these airway bills. It will detect who the carrier is, and extract from the AWB the information from the document that is useful to the client. The AWB is then saved as a searchable PDF, and/or exported to an ODBC data source.

It may be necessary to use key information to do an ODBC lookup to the clients CRM in order to return other data fields which can be used to index the PDF.

Medical Record Processing

Medical Records and Practice Management Processing

Medical Practice Management
Paper documents are printed to paper for medical consultations. The documents are printed for a specific patient, and the patient’s database ID is incorporated into a 128 barcode.

The document is used during the consultancy or procedure and any notes and signatures recorded on the paper.

The notes are scanned back in. The barcode is used to separate each document and index the document. The barcode also includes a Document Type Identifier, CN = Consultation, for example.

An ODBC lookup is performed to the client Practice Management Software, to return the patients name and a secondary code.

The index data is then used to save the PDF to a specific folder structure required by the Practice Management Software and filename that also identifies the document type. Users will locate documents from the patient record in the Practice Management Software.

In addition, the OCR text data is sent via ODBC to the database to enable full text searching.

Housing Agency Document Processing

Housing Agency Document Processing

Housing Agency
Housing Agencies have a number of document types coming in relating to their properties, for example:
Gas Certificates
Electrical Test Certificates

These documents may be received in paper format or as an electronically generated PDF.

The documents need to be made OCR text searchable and filed into the clients CRM system, with the respective PDF attached to the record.

Chronoscan is used to:
Detect the document type
Extract the required index data from the scan
Lookup Property Reference Numbers using an ODBC connection
Write the details of the document back to the CRM database via ODBC,
Export a searchable PDF file to the local server and Sharepoint 365.

Historic Car Chassis Records

Historic Car Club

Historic Car Club
A prestigious Car Club has historic documents dating back to the early 1900’s. The documents are fragile, often bound. The Club scans the document using a number of scanners depending on the requirement of the documents. The scanners are controlled by the Chronoscan Scanning interface and using the Chronoscan Hotfolders.

Once the documents are in Chronoscan, the documents mostly need to be manually indexed. Usually, Chronoscan is used to automatically index files, but documents that are 100 years old, this becomes difficult! The Text Tool can be used to grab text and populate fields, but more often manual indexing is required, for fields such as: Chassis Number, Year, Model, Source, Description, Coach Builder. The documents are OCRed.

Data is Exported to our File-Store Database, and a Searchable PDF. Searchable OCR text is also exported to the database so that this can be searched as per any other index field.

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