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Chronoscan Example Applications – Delivery Note Scanning and Processing

Delivery Notes

Delivery Notes are usually self-generated, so clients are in control of the format of the form. The Delivery Note will include key information, such as the delivery note number, order number, date etc. This information may exist on the document as text or a barcode.

Once the document is signed by the recipient, the delivery note is scanned as a batch, perhaps 500 delivery notes. Chronoscan will use either the OCR text on the document, or the barcode to identify and index it.

It may be necessary to use key information to do an ODBC lookup to the clients CRM in order to return other data fields, client name, or client code for example.

This information can then be exported to and ODBC data source, together with a PDF of the delivery note, saved to, for example a client folder on SharePoint 365:

/Delivery Notes/Clientcode/DeliveryNoteNo_PoNumber.pdf

This client folder can then be shared with the client.

Chronoscan Delivery Note Processing

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