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What is ChronoScan?

automate Purchase Invoice Capture ChronoScan Document Processing….. Chronoscan is a powerful document scanning and data entry software that allows you to scan, index, and organize your documents quickly and easily. It also offers a variety of features to help you with data entry, such as OCR (optical character recognition) and assisted auto fields. In this

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Advantages of document scanning

Why scan documents?

There are many advantages to scanning documents, including: Convenience: Scanning documents allows you to easily store and access them electronically. This can be convenient if you need to share documents with others or if you need to access them from anywhere. Accuracy: Scanning documents can help to ensure the accuracy of your records. This is because scanners

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ChronoScan Example Installations

automate Purchase Invoice Capture Purchase Invoice Processing Purchase InvoicesPurchase invoices arrive in all sorts of shapes, sizes and formats. Chronoscan will process each invoice (scanned or and electronically created PDF/attachment). Chronoscan monitors a folder of incoming scans or PDF files. It will recognise the supplier using OCR and looking up key information from your supplier

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Chronoscan Examples – Housing Agency

Housing Agency Housing Agencies have a number of document types coming in relating to their properties, for example:Gas CertificatesElectrical Test CertificatesContractsInvoices These documents may be received in paper format or as an electronically generated PDF. The documents need to be made OCR text searchable and filed into the clients CRM system, with the respective PDF

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Chronoscan Delivery Note Processing

Chronoscan Example Applications – Delivery Note Scanning and Processing

Delivery Notes Delivery Notes are usually self-generated, so clients are in control of the format of the form. The Delivery Note will include key information, such as the delivery note number, order number, date etc. This information may exist on the document as text or a barcode. Once the document is signed by the recipient,

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