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Aperture Card Scanning Service

Aperture Card Scanning

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  • High quality aperture card scanning service.

  • Latest Greyscale and/or Monochrome Scanning Technology.

  • Established 2001 with 30 Years Experience Producing and Scanning Microfilm.

  • Secure, Confidential Service, GDPR ICO Compliant.

  • 200dpi, 300dpi, 400dpi Scanning Resolutions.

  • TIFF/JPEG/PDF/DXF/DWG and PDF Formats.

  • Bulk scanning and Scan on Demand Services.

  • Indexing and Cataloguing.

  • Hollerith data extraction and auto indexing.

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Aperture Cards

Collection of Aperture Cards

Batch Preparation Barcode Generation

Scanning of Aperture Cads

Indexing of scanned images

Quality Control
File Verification

Secure Data Delivery via USB/Cloud/DVD

Secure Document
Disposal & File

Cabinets of miss-filed Aperture Cards are a thing of the past

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Collection of documents for scanning for most projects is our own transport and staff. The collection is usally done with existing archive boxes, or archive boxes that we provide. We do not normally charge for the boxes as they are used for many projects once the paper has been securely shredded at the end of the project. Every box is labelled with a unique job and box number. The labels are kept anonymous for security reasons. The vehicle will have enough fuel to come directly back to our office.

Our Aperture Card Scanning Service utilises the latest Wicks and Wilson Aperture Card Scanners to provide exceptional image quality from aperture cards that are often very low contrast and in a poor condition.

We typically scan Aperture Cards at 240dpi, although up to 400dpi is possible.  This resolution is at an A0 drawing size, and a A0 is filmed at a 30x reduction, so the true resolution the film is being scanned is thousands of DPI!

The aperture card scanner will output greyscale images, monochrome images or both greyscale and monochrome simultaneously (dual streaming).

Diazo copy cards or positive microfilm are often more challenging,  the Wick and Wilson Scanners with the greyscale scanning capabilities help to provide excellent image quality.

Turn around times for your Aperture Card scanning project can be tailored to your requirements. 

Some Aperture Cards contain Hollerith Punch indexing, this works much like a Barcode.  Our scanners will automatically read this Hollerith Code and can either name the file using it, or output the data to an index file.

Aperture Cards that do not contain Hollerith will need to be indexed either from the details on the Card or directly from the scan of the drawing that has been created.  

During the scanning process our operators constantly monitor the images that are being created. Our midrange scanners provide enough time for this process. Random statistical quality controls are also in place to check batches of documents, in the event of a failure, batches being rescanned.

Every project is different. Some require a scanned document to be returned in a Windows folder structure, some will require a separate index file, such as a CSV, Excel, Access database. At this point our processes are designed for the clients specific requirements, the scanned file format, TIFF, PDF, PDF/A, and the formatting of the file names and index formats are produced at this point.

All data is sensitive and our suggestion is that all data should be encrypted to AES 256 standards, whether we are sending the data on a USB, DVD, or via the Cloud.

Once encrypted the data will be returned to you. We have secure cloud services for this, secure mail, or personal delivery. Where a physical delivery is happening, the data will be securely double wrapped.

Data is kept for an agreed amount of time in order for the data to get onto your systems, and become backed up. After this, the data will be securely removed from our already encrypted systems.

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