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Recycling as much as possible

As a scanning company we generate loads of waste paper. All our paper waste, naturally, is shredded and recycled (unless the information is very confidential, in which case we can arrange incineration). During document preparation we often end up with a huge amount of perfectly nice stationary such as: Paper Clips Bulldog Clips Hanging files (foolscap and A4) Plastic Wallets Treasury Tags If you are a charity, hospital, school, college etc and require any of these kind of items, please let us know and we would be pleased to let you have them! If you require delivery, we may have to make a small charge as things get quite heavy. Please feel free to contact us, we only have a limited amount of space so if we cannot find a new home for them, we will have to send them for recycling, which seems terrible! Help save the planet, and help us to help you save a few pounds!

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